Ballinger Shooting Ranges

Howdy, and welcome to the ArmsDealer page for Ballinger shooting ranges. Sadly, the closest ranges are in nearby San Angelo, about 35 miles away. Those would be Devil's Mountain Rifle Range and the San Angelo Gun Club.

So, while there are no shooting ranges in Ballinger, its not too much of a haul down to San Angelo. If you know of a range thats opened in Ballinger, please give us a heads up, we'd love to list it!

Now, San Angelo is a gun club, meaning membership is required; make sure to call ahead and ask for specifics. In fact, its always a good idea for you to call ahead and check range times and availability. Keep in mind that these are both outdoor ranges as well, so its also wise to check the weather.

Shooting ranges offer a variety of services, like cowboy action shooting leagues, to lessons and general shooter information. These can be very educational, and a lot of fun.

So, please read our user reviews for those ranges, and leave your own experience. Good luck and good shooting.

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