Dallas Shooting Ranges

Dallas is a city with a rich history and a beautiful skyline. Its a growing city, and the number of Dallas shooting ranges seem to be growing with it.

Shooting ranges in Dallas tend to offer a number of other services, like firearms training, certifications, and fun shooting leagues like cowboy action or IDPA. Clays are also popular for the shotgun shooter, for games like trap or skeet.

Always call ahead to check range times and availability, and if membership is required. Its also a good idea to ask about any rules or regulations; its never fun to show up hoping to shoot your rifle to find out that the range won't let you. This is primarily for indoor ranges, which are best suited to pistol shooting; for outdoor ranges, the thing to check is the weather. Luckily in sunny Dallas that should seldom be a big problem.

Check our reviews and once you've been to a place, leave one yourself. You'll be leaving valuable insight to other shooters as to which are the best places to go, and where to avoid.

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