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You've come to the easy guide to LA Gun Shops. Los Angeles is a major city, and while it used to have more gun shops, there are still a good number of quality places left.

So take a look at our list of gun shops in Los Angeles. You'll find a lot of outdoorsman stores with great prices, though primarily they stock shotguns and rifles. You can sometimes have more luck trying shops just outside the city, such as in nearby Orange County.

Make sure to ask about any relevant state law when it comes to your firearms, especially handguns, given California's laws. All of the Los Angeles gun shops should be glad to help a paying customer.

Remember that they also stock all sorts of gear, like holsters, tactical equipment, sights, optics, scopes and ammunition, though its always best to call ahead and ask if you are looking for something specific.

Leave a review once you've tried a place out - you'll be making sure the gun shops give you the best service, and rewarding those that do while calling out those that don't.

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    319 Broadway
    Chula Vista CA 91910-3501
    (619) 425-8674
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