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Louisville Shooting Ranges - There's more there then world famous bats. Conveniently, you're also next to New Albany, Indiana - basically, two good areas for shooting joined together. We don't like to give preferential treatment to businesses, but as you're in Kentucky, the world famous Knob Creek Shooting Range, which has everything from Cowboy Action Shooting, to IDPA, to firearm certifications, and, of course, the famous Machine Gun shoot.

While you're having fun though, keep in mind the words of the late Hunter S. Thompson: never drink whiskey or bourbon while firing a machine gun, you'll spill your drink.

More seriously, always call in to the range ahead of time to check availability and rules; it can save you a lot of time. While most of the ranges are indoors, if you're going to an outdoor range like Knob Creek, check the weather report - shooting in a full downpour is never fun, and certain activities like shooting clays for trap or skeet are not going to happen in the rain or snow.

Give these businesses a try, and then leave a review - you'll be keeping them honest by telling your experiences.

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