New York Gun Shops

While New York City has pretty sparse gun shops, if you're looking for gun shops in New York state you'll have better luck.

Many of the shops cater to the hunter and outdoorsman community, and thus offer shotguns and rifles primarily. However, some do sell handguns. Check ahead of time by placing a simple call; it will also help to ask about any laws or state regulations you need to follow, such as bringing paperwork or IDs with you. This can save a lot of time, and most New York gun shops will be happy to walk you through the process if it means a sale.

If you are looking for something specific, its also a good idea to call or email and ask if any of the New York gun shops have it in stock before coming down, unless of course you just want to browse. In that case, try to find a shop with a wide selection or attached shooting range, so you can rent a particular firearm that interests you and see if its the right match for you.

Good shooting! Check our user reviews, and after you've visited one of the New York gun shops, give us your review as well; it will ensure the various business always give you the best service.

Top New York Gun Shop

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    ★★★★★1 review
    PO Box 299
    West Hurley NY 12491-7700
    (845) 679-4867
    Gun Shops
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    PO Box 685
    Margaretville NY 12455-0000
    (845) 586-4103
    Gun Shops
    Firearm Dealer/Gunsmith
    Placeholder image for Del-Sports Inc
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    266 Shun Pike Rd
    Esperance NY 12066-0000
    (518) 868-4662
    Gun Shops
    Firearm Dealer/Gunsmith
    Placeholder image for Good Gun Buys
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    9402 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
    Brooklyn NY 11209-7409
    (718) 833-1199
    Gun Shops
    Placeholder image for Perry's Gun Shop
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    Majors Path
    Southampton NY 11968-0000
    (631) 283-9427
    Gun Shops
    Placeholder image for Southampton Pistol & Rifle
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    782 Chenango Street
    Binghamton NY 13901
    (607) 323-1365
    Ammunition, Ammunition Reloading, Clothing, Gun Accessories, Gun Shops, Holster Dealers, Sights, Optics, Scopes & Lasers, Shooting Range Suppliers
    Firearm Dealer/Gunsmith, C&R FFL, Firearm Importer
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