New York Shooting Ranges

New York State has a number of shooting ranges, but there is really only a handful inside the city proper. New York City has a couple of ordinances regarding firearms as you might imagine, one of which being that you need a permit for just about anything aside from a .22.

Calling ahead to New York shooting ranges is not a suggestion, by the way - all of them require advance notice, and some of them require criminal background checks.

Luckily, things are a bit more lenient in New York state. Still, many of the shooting ranges in New York state are gun clubs, and require membership. They might have policies allowing non-members to shoot, but its a good idea to call ahead and confirm range availability and what if anything you need to bring or do first.

Ranges tend to offer a variety of useful services like gun lessons and various shooting activities like IDPA for pistols, or trap and skeet for shotgun. These can be fun and really improve your shooting skills.

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