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Orlando, home to Mickey Mouse, legions of international tourists, and a number of high quality, fun shooting ranges.

Keep the following in mind when selecting one of these Orlando shooting ranges:

First, decide what you want to shoot. I know it sounds simple, and it really is. Indoor ranges are best for pistols and revolvers, while outdoor ranges are best for shotgun, rifle, and other long distance firearms. Indoor ranges offer all-weather availability and the ease of automated target carriers, and often have gun shops attached if you need to buy ammunition or want to rent a firearm. Outdoor ranges allow for more freedom and longer distances, which is great for rifle and shotgun shooting, letting you engage in such sports as skeet and trap shooting.

Different states have different laws and regulations - calling ahead to check on them will mean your trip isn't wasted.

You should call ahead to confirm range times and availability; its a big letdown if you show up at a range for a day's shooting and find its closed! Also, if you are going to an outdoor range, check the weather; you don't want to get rained out.

Take a look at our reviews and decide what range suits you the best. Then, please leave a review yourself.

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