San Antonio Gun Shops

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Gun shops sometimes focus on a specific kind of firearm, based on their clientele. Outdoorsman stores will carry mostly long guns - rifles and shotguns - while a store focused on self defense will carry a wide selection of pistols designed for concealed carry.

Many gun shops in San Antonio carry a lot of merchandise other then guns. You can find ammunition, reloading equipment, gun safes, gun acessories, holsters, various military surplus, and sights, optics, and lasers. Basically, everything a shooter needs, a store will stock, or be able to direct you to where to buy. Many of them will order something in for you if you request it as well.

Additionally, you'll find a lot of services, like gunsmithing and gun cleaning offered. Some of these come with or are rolled into the price of a new firearm, and you can get a them thrown in to sweeten the deal on the purchase of a new gun.

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