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San Diego has a mix of shooting ranges; indoor, outdoor, and club. Lets go over the differences to help you pick whats best for you when it comes to San Diego shooting ranges.

First, a club range tends to require membership first. Not all do, and the fee is often nominal if you intend to go to the range more then once a year. They might have various restrictions, dues, or bylaws, so each gun club is going to be different. Its best to always check ahead of time, either on the club's website or via the phone.

An indoor range is best suited for poor weather, such as it being too hot or cold, and for pistol and short range shooting. Many offer attached gun shops and gun rentals, and have the ease of automated target carriers to make your shooting simpler and easier.

Outdoor ranges are great for rifle and shotgun, and allow activities you simply cannot do in an indoor range, like trap or skeet shooting. Some have shooting leagues based around a theme, like International Defensive Pistol target courses, or the popular Cowboy Action Shooting.

At either kind of range, make sure to call ahead first to confirm rules, availability, and range times. Keep in mind that some ranges sell ammunition and require you to buy theirs, while others expect you to bring your own. Also, specific state and local laws my apply to going to a range; the range owner can give you any pertinent information with a simple phone call.

So, good luck finding the perfect shooting range in San Diego for you. Once you've find it, leave a review! We'd love to hear from you.

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