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San Francisco gun shops are fairly varied, some offering modern day rifles, pistols, and shotguns, while others off specialty historical and collectible firearms.

Most all, however, will sell you things other then firearms which a shooter needs. This includes things like holsters, ammunition, magazines, clothing, optics, and the like. They also tend to offer services like gun cleaning, gunsmithing, FFL transfer, and even shooting lessons.

Call ahead of time and find out if they have something specific in stock, to save yourself time, and remember most anything can be ordered from the manufacturer (barring state and local laws, of course). Luckily the various gun shops in San Francisco can walk you through said laws to find the firearm that is best for you.

You can find reviews attached to the businesses below to help you make your choice. Once you've been to one, why not leave a review yourself? You'll be making sure the business in choice delivers the best possible service to you.

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    319 Broadway
    Chula Vista CA 91910-3501
    (619) 425-8674
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